UX Designer, bonsai TEMPLATE

Love Checklists? Hate Checklists? Indifferent?

Yet, people's lives are ruled over by invisible processes.

What if they didn't have to "check" anything?

What if the list was more than a list? Like, almost alive a little bit?

Ever let someone else do all the work and subscribe to a Spotify Playlist?

It's kinda like that. Sorta like a newsletter - where there are creators and subscribers, followers.

Cool part is, a list can live like a process. It can know when its time to do something.

It can have links, can be edited, branched (like Figma or Github), and re-shared to help millions of people.

You have probably already noticed several areas where we could improve the experience

But we're just a tiny 3-person startup. (You know where this is going...)

(Every company I ever founded, I built mainly using checklists)

You're looking at our Alpha. We know there's room for improvement.

We are looking for someone who works in Figma (Figma's co-founder is an investor in bonsai, so that's convenient).

This could be a perfect fit for you.

Please reachout or share this link if you're interested