Getting Started

Here's a quick primer on bonsai - and how it can help you get things done

Checklist > To Do List: A task list is something you do once, bonsai is for stuff you'll re-use, or assign to others.

Mobile & Desktop: You can make lists on mobile or desktop right in your browser

Editing is easy: You can indent items too

Hyperlinks: You can add a hyperlink to any piece of text - which helps when linking to other sources for an item

Attachments: You can attach images to any list Click the paperclip here to see or attach items - >

Copy/Branch lists: You can branch/copy lists allowing you to have multiple versions

Subscriptions: You can Subscribe - which is to "save" others' lists. - and use those when you need them

You can Re-use a list over and over: you can make "Runs" of a list each time you use them

You can make a copy for anyone to "Run" or complete a copy of this list

Share a List: You can share a link to this list

Embed a List inside any other list. The item below is actually another list - embedded here.

Branch this Checklist

Want to use this checklist for yourself? Want to suggest changes?
By branching this checklist, you'll get your very own copy that you can change, run and share. You can even suggest changes back to the original author.